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William R. Graves

Woody plants that may have potential for use in horticulture are the focus of  Bill’s research.  His ecological studies involve field research throughout  North America, as well as physiological experiments conducted in  greenhouses and laboratories.  Bill also leads a project to develop improved  horticultural bioplastics,  He is an author on over 100 refereed publications  and has co-authored one book.  His graduate students major in horticulture  and/or ecology and evolutionary biology and have gone on to productive  careers in industry and academia. Bill teaches an undergraduate class on the identification and horticultural use  of trees, shrubs, and woody vines.  He also contributes to a cross- disciplinary graduate course on preparing thesis and dissertation chapters  that are publishable in refereed journals.  Bill periodically mentors students  in independent-study courses.  Most recently, he led a team of undergraduate  students who studied a group of historical trees on Iowa State’s campus that  were threatened by a flood-mitigation project.  The students’ efforts  contributed to a resolution that allowed the trees to be saved.

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