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Christopher J. Currey

Recent Refereed Publications

Currey, C.J. and R.G. Lopez. 2014. Controlled-release Fertilizer during Cutting  Propagation Affects Growth and Tissue Nutrient Concentrations of Rooted Cuttings of  Annual Bedding Plants. HortScience 49(2):152−159.

Currey, C.J. and R.G. Lopez. Cuttings of Impatiens, Pelargonium, and Petunia  Propagated Under Light Emitting Diodes and High-pressure Sodium Lamps Have  Comparable Growth, Morphology, Gas Exchange, and Post-transplant Performance.  HortScience 48(4):428-434.

Miller, W.B., N.S. Mattson, X. Xie, D. Xu, C.J. Currey, K.L. Clemens, R.G. Lopez, M.  Olrich, and E.S. Runkle. 2012. Ethephon Substrate Drenches Inhibit Stem Extension of  Floriculture Crops. HortScience 47(9):1312‒1319.

Hutchinson, V.A., C.J. Currey, and R.G. Lopez. 2012. Photosynthetic Daily Light  Integral Subsequent During Root Development Influences Subsequent Growth and  Development of Several Herbaceous Annual Bedding Plants. HortScience 47(7):856‒ 860.

Currey, C.J. and J.E. Erwin. 2012. Foliar Applications of Plant Growth Regulators Affect  Stem Elongation and Branching of 11 Kalanchoe Species. HortTechnology 22(3):338‒ 344.

Currey, C.J., R.G. Lopez, B.A. Krug, I. McCall, and B.E. Whipker. 2012. Substrate  Drenches Containing Flurprimidol Suppress Height of ‘Nellie White’ Easter Lilies.  HortTechnology 22(2):164−168.

Currey, C.J., V.A. Hutchinson, and R.G. Lopez. 2012. Growth, Morphology, and Quality  of Rooted Cuttings of Several Herbaceous Annual Bedding Plants are Influenced by  Photosynthetic Daily Light Integral During Root Development. HortScience.  47(1):25−30.

Taylor, J.M., R.G. Lopez, C.J. Currey, and J. Janick. 2011. The Poinsettia: History and  Transformation. Chronica Horticulturae 51(3):23−28.

Currey, C.J. and R.G. Lopez. 2011. Early Flurprimidol Drench Applications Control  Final Height of Four Poinsettia Cultivars. HortTechnology 21(1):35–40.

Currey, C. J. and J.E. Erwin. 2011. Photosynthetic Daily Light Integral Affects Flowering  and Growth of Several Kalanchoe spp. HortTechnology 21(1):98–102.

Currey, C.J. and J.E. Erwin. 2011. Photoperiodic Flower Induction of Several Kalanchoe  Species and Ornamental Characteristics of the Flowering Species. HortScience 46(1):35– 39.

Currey, C.J., D.M. Camberato, A.P. Torres, and R.G. Lopez. 2010. Plant Growth Retardant Drench Efficacy is not Affected by Substrate Containing Parboiled Rice Hulls. HortTechnology 20(5):863–866.

Currey, C.J. and J.E. Erwin. 2010. Variation Among Kalanchoe Species in Their Flowering Responses to Photoperiod and Short-day Cycle Number. Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 85(4):350–354.

Currey, C.J. and R.G. Lopez. 2010. Paclobutrazol Pre-plant Bulb Dips Effectively Control Height of ‘Nellie White’ Easter Lilies. HortTechnology 20(2):357–360.

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