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Gail Romberger Nonnecke

Selected Refereed Publications

Portz, D.N and G. R. Nonnecke.  2011. Rotation with cover crops suppresses weeds and  increases plant density and yield of strawberry.  HortScience. 46(10):1363-1366.

Andrea L. Dinkelman, Jeanine E. Aune, and Gail R. Nonnecke. 2010.  Using an Interdisciplinary  Approach to Teach Undergraduates Communication and Information Literacy Skills, J. Nat.  Resources and Life Sci. Education.  39:137-144.

Veenstra, J., D. Dembe, J. Nsamba, L. Wasko, L. Burras, G. Nonnecke, B. Orum, S. Downie and   R. Cox.  2009.  Mapping soils in central Uganda.  Soil Surv. Hor. 50:30-34.

VanDerZanden, A.M., C. Haynes, G. R. Nonnecke, and R. Martin.  2007.  Attitudes and  perceptions of participants in a horticulture study abroad course at Iowa State University.   HortTechnology. 17(1):128-1332.

Chengyan Y., H. H. Jensen, D. S. Mueller, G.R. Nonnecke, D. Bonnet, and M. L. Gleason.   2007. Estimating Consumers’ Valuation of Organic and Cosmetically Damaged Apples.  HortScience, 42: 1366 – 1371.

Selected Book Chapters

Nonnecke G.R., M.D. Duffy, and R.C. Funt. 2013. Marketing.  Chapter 14.   In:  R.C. Funt and   H.K. Hall (eds.).  Raspberries.  CABI.  Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK. 300 pp.

Nonnecke, G. and M. Pritts.  2005.  Sustainable strawberry production and management.  P. 84- 97.  In: S. Kanizadeh and J. DeEll (eds.). Our Strawberries.  PWGSC, Publishing and Depository  Services, Ottawa, ON, Canada. Printed in French and English.

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