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Cynthia L. Haynes

Recent Published Abstracts

Duerfeldt, K. and C. Haynes. 2013. Impacts of the EARTH Program on Student  Perceptions of Sustainability. NACTA 57:40 (#095)

Haynes, C. and K. Duerfeldt. 2013. EARTH Program Impact on Student Personal and  Professional Skills.  NACTA 57:100 (#094)

Wiersema, J., S. Hendrich, C. Haynes, J. Thompson, B. Licklider, and K. Thompson.  2013. Growth Mindsets and Productive Effort Led to Increase Achievement in Learning.  Students in Transition Conference in Atlanta.

Haynes, C., J. Wiersema, S. Hendrich, J. Thompson, B. Licklider, and K. Thompson.  2013. Developing Growth Mindsets and Employing Effort: Faculty and Student  Development. Students in Transition Conference in Atlanta.

Wiersema, J., B. Licklider, K. Thompson, C. Haynes, J. Thompson, and S. Hendrich.  2013. Ripples of Effort Created Waves of Achievement. National Learning Communities  Conference in Atlanta.

Thompson, J., J. Wiersema, B. Licklider, S. Hendrich, K. Thompson, and C. Haynes.  2013. Navigation Tools for Students Thinking about Achievement Guides Meaningful  Effort. National Learning Communities Conference in Corpus Christi.

Haynes, Cynthia, Kevin Duerfeldt, and Mike Reinert. 2012. Pilot Study of Teaching and  Learning Herbaceous Plants Using an iPhone Application. NACTA 56:81 (#339).

Haynes, Cynthia, and Ann Marie VanDerZanden. 2012 Student Concerns and  Expectations of an International Travel Course. NACTA 56:80 (#336).

Duerfeldt, Kevin, Jennifer Bousselot, and Cynthia Haynes. 2012. Needs Assessment for  the Development of a Geographic Information Systems Course to Manage Campus  Information.  NACTA 56:76 (#315).

Hendrich, Suzanne, Jan Wiersema, Cynthia Haynes, and Jan Thompson. 2011. My life in  a bag: Resiliency is key for sustaining student involvement.  National Learning  Communities Conference in Chicago.

Wiersema, Jan, Suzanne Hendrich, Cynthia Haynes, and Jan Thompson. 2011.  Sustainable learning communities require sustained learning by leaders.  National  Learning Communities Conference in Chicago.

Thompson, Jan, Jan Wiersema, Suzanne Hendrich, and Cynthia Haynes. 2011. Learning  communities can support student identification of values that will sustain their adult lives.   National Learning Communities Conference in Chicago.

Reinert, Michael, Cynthia Haynes and Kevin Duerfeldt. 2011. The process of creating a mobile application for teaching and learning herbaceous ornamentals. HortScience46(9):S355.

Selected Refereed Publications

Meyer, Mary Hockenberry, Cynthia Haynes, Denise Ellsworth, Sarah Ellis, Celeste Welty, and Karen Jeannette. 2012. What’s wrong with my plant? An online plant diagnostics module for extension master gardeners. HortTechnology 22:589-591.

Paparozzi, E.T., K.A Williams, R. Geneve, H. Hatterman-Valenti, C. Haynes, H.Kraus, C. McKenney, and J. Pitts. 2011. Development of the AG*IDEA alliance’s horticulture graduate certificates program and inter-institutional course share. HortTechnology 21:688-691.

Justen, Emilie, Cynthia Haynes, Ann Marie VanDerZanden, and Nancy Grudens-Schuch. 2011. Insights from Spanish-speaking Employees in the Iowa Horticulture Industry. Journal of Extension 49(6)

Licklider, B., S. Hendrich, J. Wiersema, J. Thompson, and C. Haynes. 2010. Developing Responsible Learners: Ask More than You Tell. Journal of Learning Communities Research. 5(1):77-83.

Justen, Emilie, Cynthia Haynes, Ann Marie VanDerZanden, and Nancy Grudens-Schuck. 2009. Managers of Latino Workers in the Iowa Horticulture Industry Want Educational Programs to Bridge Language and Cultural Barriers. HortTechnology 19(1): 224-229.

Duncan, Elizabeth, Ann Marie VanDerZanden, Cynthia Haynes, and Levon Esters. 2008. Curriculum Evaluation: An Outcomes Assessment of the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University. HortTechnology 18(3):524-528.

Hilgers, Kimberly R., Cynthia Haynes, and Joanne Olson. 2008. Assessing a Garden-based Curriculum for Elementary Youth in Iowa: Parental Perceptions of Change. HortTechnology 18:18-23.

Recent Extension Publications

Richard Jauron, Cynthia Haynes, and Ajay Nair. 2013. Suggested Vegetable Varieties. Pm 607.

Haynes, Cynthia and Richard Jauron. 2012 – 2000. ISU Extension Garden Calendar. Pm 815.

Clayton, Richard, Cynthia Haynes, and Ann Marie VanDerZanden. 2011. Ornamental Water Features for the Midwest. Pm 2097.

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