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Ajay Nair

Refereed Publications

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. 2012. Soil microbial biomass, functional microbial diversity, and nematode community structure as affected by cover crops and compost in an organic vegetable production system. Applied Soil Ecology 58:45– 55.

Nair, A., M. Ngouajio, and J. A. Biernbaum. 2011. Alfalfa-based organic amendment in peat-compost growing medium for organic tomato transplant production. HortScience 46(2):253–259.

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. 2010. Integrating row covers and soil amendments for organic cucumber production: implications on crop growth, yield, and microclimate. HortScience 45(4):1-9

Nair, A. and D. Zhang. 2010. Propagation and commercial availability of Stewartia spp.: past research endeavors and current status. HortTechnology 20(2):277-282

Mulabagal, V., M. Ngouajio, A. Nair, Y. Zhang, A. Gottumukkala, and M. G. Nair. 2010. In vitro evaluation of red and green lettuce (Lactuca sativa) for functional food properties. Food Chemistry 118:300-306

Nair, A., D. Zhang, J. Smagula, and D. Hu. 2008. Rooting and overwintering stem cuttings of Stewartia pseudocamellia Maxim. relevant to hormone, media, and temperature. HortScience 43(7):2124-2128

Extension Publications

Jauron, R. and A. Nair. 2013. Asparagus in the home garden. PM994 Iowa State University.

Jauron, R. and A. Nair. 2013. Rhubarb in the home garden. PM719 Iowa State University.

Jauron, R., C. Haynes, and A. Nair. 2013. Suggested vegetable varieties for home garden. PM607 Iowa State University.

Nair, A. March 2013.Time for transplants: things to consider as the growing season approaches. Iowa produce newsletter

Nair, A. February 2013. Salinity management in high tunnels. Iow aproduce newsletter

Nair, A. October 2012. Winter rye: a versatile cover crop. Iowa produce newsletter

Nair, A. August 2012. What is happening to the blossom end? Iowa produce newsletter

Nair, A., M. Ngouajio, and J. Biernbaum. June 2012. Quality ingredients for transplant production. American Vegetable Grower, 24-25.

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. March 2012. Ten steps to healthy crops. American Vegetable Grower, 14-16.

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. April 2010. Sanitation is the key to successful transplant production: Greenhouse Insider. American Vegetable Grower, 31-32.

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. June 2009. The organic report: Compost as an organic amendment. American Vegetable Grower, 24-25.


Nair, A., L. Weieneth, and V. Lawson. 2013. The effect of biochar on sweet corn production. HortScience 48(9):S172.

Carpenter, B. and A. Nair. 2013. Biochar added to potting mix decreased bell pepper transplant size while increasing nutrient retention. HortScience 48(9):S173.

Nair, A., M. Bilenky, and N. Howell. 2013. Trellesing and plastic mulch effects on cucumber production in high tunnels. HortScience 48(9):S173.

Nair, A., M. Bilenky, and B. Bergum. 2013. Cultivar adaptability for midwest sweet potato production. HortScience 48(9):S194.

Nair, A. and B. Carpenter. 2012. Season extension strategies for lettuce production in Midwest: Implication of row covers and foliar calcium applications. Annual Conference American Society for Horticultural Science.

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. 2011. Integrating brassica cover crops into onion cropping systems: Implications for plant population, stand establishment, and yield. HortScience 46(9):S203

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. 2010. Impact of cover crops and organic amendments  on soil microbial activity (SMA) and tomato yield under organic production systems. HortScience 45(8):S138

Nair, A. and M. Ngouajio. 2009. Evaluating the impact of cover crop, nutrient amendment, and crop variety on organic cucumber and tomato production systems in the Great Lakes Area. HortScience 44:1039

Nair, A., M. Ngouajio, J. Biernbaum, M. Brewer, G. Bird, S. Snapp, and D. Mutch. 2007. The impact of biodiversity during the transition to organic vegetable production. HortScience 42:843

Nair, A., D. Zhang, and S. Burnett. 2006. Effect of media on growth of Euphorbia pulcherima ‘White Star’. HortScience 41:1019

Nair, A. and D. Zhang. 2005. Application of AFLP markers on taxon discrimination of cultivated Stewartia.HortScience 40:1041

Field Days and Workshops

Cover crop workshop: How to improve soil health, Muscatine, IA. 11 Oct., 2013 Cover crop workshop for vegetable growers, Ames, IA. 4 October, 2013 Cover crop workshop: Cover crop in vegetable production, Lewis, IA. 27 Sep., 2013

Fruit and Vegetable Field Day, Ames, IA. In partnership with Leopold Center, PFI, and IFVGA, 12 August, 2013

Cover crop workshop: Integration of Cover crops in fruit and vegetable cropping systems, Mason City, 5 April, 2013

Tomato Grafting and Pest management Workshop, Ames, IA. 12 March, 2013 Vegetable Transplant Production Workshop, Bettendorf, IA. 2 March 2013 Advanced High Tunnel Production Workshop, Bloomfield, IA, October, 2012 Fruit and Vegetable Field Day – Department of Horticulture; in partnership with Leopold Center and Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, July, 2012

Transplant Production Workshop – Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University, April, 2012

Advanced High Tunnel Workshop – Davis County, October, 2012

Crop Planning Workshop – Iowa City, November 2012

Service and Leadership

Great Plains Growers Conference Planning Committee Chair, 2014.

Vegetable Crops Management Working Group Chair, American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS), 2013-2014

Scholarship Awards Committee Chair, ASHS, 2013-2015

Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association Board Member, 2011-2014.

State of Iowa Pesticide Advisory Committee Member, 2013-2014.

ISU Departmental Leadership Award Committee Member, 2014

ISU Pesticide Applicator Training Advisory Committee, Member, 2014

World Food Prize Iowa Youth Institute Expert Panel Member, 2012-present

Graduate Program Sustainable Agriculture Coordination Committee Member, 2012-2014.

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