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Suzanne Slack

Refereed publications:

Yuan, X., L. Eldred, R. R. Kharadi, S. M. Slack, and G.W. Sundin. 2022. The RNA-binding protein ProQ impacts exopolysaccharide biosynthesis and second messenger cyclic di-GMP signaling in the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora. Applied Environmental Microbiology (accepted)

 Slack, S. M. , J. K. Schachterle, E. M.  Sweeney, R. R. Kharadi, J. Peng, M. Botti-Marino, L. Bardaji, E. Pochubay, and G. W. Sundin. 2022. In-orchard population dynamics of Erwinia amylovora on apple flower stigmas. Phytopathology (accepted)

Kharadi, R. R., J. K. Schachterle, Xiaochen Yuan, L. F. Castiblanco, J. Peng, S. M. Slack, Q. Zeng, and G.W. Sundin. 2021. Genetic Dissection of the Erwinia amylovora Disease Cycle. Annual Review of Phytopathology59

Yuan, X., McGhee, G., Slack, S. M., and Sundin, G. W. 2021. Functional exploration of the ubiquitous plasmid pEA29 reveals a novel signaling pathway that connects thiamine biosynthesis, bacterial respiration, and production of the exopolysaccharide amylovoran in Erwinia amylovoraMolecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 34(10): 1193-1208

Slack, S. M., K. J. Walters, C. A. Outwater, and G. W. Sundin. 2021. Effect of kasugamycin, oxytetracycline, and streptomycin on in-orchard population dynamics of Erwinia amylovora on apple flower stigmas. Plant Disease: PDIS-07

Gleason, J., J. Peng,, T. J. Proffer, S. M. Slack, C. A. Outwater, N. L. Rothwell, and G. W.  Sundin. 2021. Resistance to Boscalid, Fluopyram and Fluxapyroxad in Blumeriella jaapii from Michigan (USA): Molecular Characterization and Assessment of Practical Resistance in Commercial Cherry Orchards. Microorganisms9(11), 2198.

Slack, S. M., C. A. Outwater, M. J. Grieshop,  and G. W. Sundin.  2019. Evaluation of a contact sterilant as a niche-clearing method to enhance the colonization of apple flowers and efficacy of Aureobasidium pullulans in the biological control of fire blight. Biological Control139, 104073.

Sundin, G.W., S. M. Slack, and C.A. Outwater. 2018. Population dynamics of Erwinia amylovora on apple flower stigmas and effect of antibiotic treatment. on Pome Fruit Diseases 138: 66-71.

Slack, S. M., Q. Zeng, C. A. Outwater, and G. W. Sundin. 2017. Microbiological examination of Erwinia amylovora exopolysaccharide ooze. Phytopathology, 107(4), 403-411.

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