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Jeffery K. Iles

Selected Refereed Publications

VanDerZanden, A.M. and J.K. Iles.  2013.  Helping students become global citizens:  Successful study abroad programs in the Iowa State University Department of  Horticulture.  NACTA Journal September 2013 Special Issue:51-55.

Arnold, M.A., Bryan, D.L., Cabrera, R.I., Denny, G.C., Griffin, J.J., Iles, J.K., King,  A.R., Knox, G.W., Lombardini, L., McDonald, G.V., McKenney, C.B., Montague, D.T.,  Niu, G., Pemberton, H.B., Purnell, A.L., Shoemake, L.J., Struve, and W.T. Watson.   2012.  Provenance experiments with baldcypress, live oak, and sycamore illustrate the  potential for selecting more sustainable urban trees.  Arboriculture & Urban Forestry  38(5):205-213.

Haynes, C., A.M. VanDerZanden, and J.K. Iles.  2007.  A survey of the ornamental  horticulture industry in Iowa.  HortTechnology 17(4):513-517.

Beidler, K.M., J.K. Iles, S.M. Nusser, and A. VanDerZanden.  2006.  Assessing the  preparedness of postsecondary graduates entering the landscape contracting industry.   HortTechnology 16(2):312-317.

Widrlechner, M.P., J.R. Thompson, J.K. Iles, and P.M. Dixon.  2004.  Models for  predicting the risk of naturalization of non-native woody plants in Iowa.  J. Environ.  Hort. 22(1):23-31.

Iles, J.K. and A.M. Vold.  2003.  Landscape tree cultivar preferences in Iowa, U.S.  J.  Arboric. 29(6):331-336.

Romer, J.P., J.K. Iles, and C.L. Haynes.  2003.  Selection preferences for crabapple  cultivars and species.  HortTechnology 13(3):522-526.

Iles, J.K.  2003.  The science and practice of stress reduction in managed landscapes.   ISHS Acta Horticulturae 618: XXVI International Horticultural Congress: Environmental  Stress and Horticulture Crops.

Widrlechner, M.P. and J.K. Iles.  2002.  A geographic assessment of the risk of  naturalization of non-native woody plants in Iowa.  J. Environ. Hort. 20(1):47-56.

Iles, J.K. and M.S. Dosmann. 1999. Effect of organic and mineral mulches on soil properties and growth of Fairview Flame® red maple trees. J. Arboric. 25(3):163-167.

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