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It’s no wonder many former students say their college years were among the best years of their life.  Meeting and making new friends, learning new skills, participating in club activities, going on field trips, studying abroad, learning to think critically, and finally growing into a responsible and mature young adult ready for an exciting career after graduation.  Yes, the undergraduate experience is something to be embraced and enjoyed, and in ISU’s Department of Horticulture, you will experience everything the college experience has to offer…and more.

Students often remark that our department has a very comfortable, familiar, and family-like atmosphere.  Kind of like home…just without Mom telling you to take out the garbage.  Take a stroll through Horticulture Hall and you’ll see students hanging out in the ever-popular student reading room, working at all hours of the day in the computer lab, and even on weekends you’ll see students creating and collaborating in the landscape design drafting lab.  And on a nice day, there’s nothing better than reading a chapter or two in the quiet solitude of the courtyard, or catching a few rays from the sun on our outdoor patio.  The rich and supportive learning environment and outstanding facilities contained within Horticulture Hall make our department unique.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Come for a visit and see for yourself.