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Global Resource Systems Major

The Global Resource Systems (Globe) major produces systemic thinkers and problem solvers with a global perspective. Globe majors study a variety of resource issues in industrialized and developing nations and seek to understand the impacts of an increasingly globalized economy on those resources. Throughout Globe courses, multi-disciplinary themes are developed in the context of the physical, biological, economic, and sociological factors affecting global resource systems. In this context, resource systems will include natural resources, agricultural resources (including crops, livestock, and aquaculture), human resources, institutional resources, physical and biological resources, food and energy resources, knowledge resources, financial resources, and other related resources.

One of the keys to the GRS major is the completion of a well-rounded curriculum that provides a broad exposure to communications, science, and analytical skills. Another key is developing a core set of technical competencies through completion of one of the many majors or minors offered in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. A third key is the development of language, cultural, and leadership competencies through coursework, service-learning,community engagement, and a global internship.

Through their training and experiences, GRS majors are able to successfully lead teams representing high levels of both technical and cultural diversity. GLOBE students are prepared for leadership positions in international non-governmental organizations, global businesses, government agencies engaged in international trade and development, and globally engaged foundations, educational institutions and volunteer organizations
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