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Academic Option

Greenhouse Plant Production

Affecting the greenhouse effect. One plant at a time.

If you want a career in greenhouses and controlled environments, this option is for you. These classes give you first-hand experience working in greenhouses. After all, there are two of them attached to our freaking building! Each of our four core greenhouse courses will get your hands dirty right away by planting tomatoes, lettuce, poinsettias, and even chrysanthemums.

If you’d prefer to work in a large commercial wholesale greenhouse or a garden center, Greenhouse Plant Production will give you the skills to get your career sprouting fast. 

If you’re passionate about growing plants on a large scale and getting them to their destination for customers to enjoy, this is the option for you. Want to work with people AND plants? A career in garden center sales and management will allow you to share your love of plants directly with the customer.

Check out what could be your 4-year plan! 


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