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Academic Option

Horticulture Food Crop Production and Management

Welcome to The Garden of Feedin’. 

This option gives you semester-sized servings of fruits and veggies that would make mom proud. As you focus on all of the processes and systems related to the production of vegetables and fruits, you’ll also have the chance to learn about soil, water, pest management, postharvest technologies, food safety, and environmental and economic sustainability for the production of food crops. 

The best part is, you’ll know how to plan your business after getting first-hand expertise from growers and entrepreneurs. There are also plenty of internship opportunities to give you a heaping helping of as much real-world experience as possible.

Other career opportunities for graduates choosing this option include becoming a plant breeder, extension program specialist, small farm operator, vineyard manager, or have gone on to further their education in graduate school.

Check out what could be your 4-year plan!


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