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Horticulture Research

Our learning climate never goes dormant.

If your horticulture interest is rooted in an aspect of biology, Horticulture Research is the way to grow. Whether you’re curious about plant hardiness in certain temperatures or the sustainability of planting food and crops, our course work digs into the scientific literature, testing hypotheses and designing experiments to collect and analyze data. You’ll make discoveries and scientific breakthroughs as you learn in and out of the classroom. With this option, innovation is always at the forefront. 

Career options are limitless for students interested in the science of plants and their application for human betterment. Some of our students continue their horticultural education beyond the 4-year undergraduate degree, entering into M.S. or Ph.D. programs, and one way to prepare yourself for the rigors of graduate school is to choose the science option within the horticulture major. Alternatively, Science option students might decide to work in laboratories and or join research and development teams after graduation. 

Check out what could be your 4-year plan! 

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