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The Department of Horticulture offers two minors: 1) Horticulture and 2) Landscape Management. The minor in Horticulture is a broad-based minor that does not include focus within a specific area of horticulture. The Landscape Management minor provides a systematic framework to study the multiple components of landscape management including plant selection, landscape installation and management, and turfgrass management. Both minors are earned by taking Hort 221, Principles of Horticulture Science, plus 12 additional credits with a maximum of 3 credits at the 200-level and a minimum of 9 credits at the 300-level or above.

The 15-credit Landscape Management minor is comprised of the following courses:


HORT 221: Principles of Horticulture (3 cr)

Optional:   (choose credits from the following list of courses)

HORT 240: Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines For Landscaping (3cr)
HORT 281: Landscape Graphics (2 cr)
HORT 330: Herbaceous Ornamental Plants (3 cr)
HORT 341: Woody Plant Cultivars: Shade Trees, Ornamental Trees, and Woody Shrubs (2 cr)
HORT 342: Landscape Plant Installation, Establishment, and Maintenance (3 cr)
HORT 351: Turfgrass Management (3 cr)
HORT 444: Landscape Construction and Management (3 cr)

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