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Mark Widrlechner

Selected Publications

Lebeda, A., I. Doležalová, M. Kitner, A. Novotná, P. Šmachová, and M.P. Widrlechner.  2011. North American continent – a new source of wild Lactuca spp. germplasm  variability for future lettuce breeding. Acta Horticulturae 918: 475-482.

Oh, C-S., J. Price, M. Brindley, M.P. Widrlechner, L. Qu, J. McCoy, P. Murphy, C.  Hauck, and W. Maury. 2011. Inhibition of HIV-1 infection by aqueous extracts of  Prunella vulgaris. L. Virology Journal 8:188 (10 pages) doi:10.1186/1743-422X-8-188.

Qiang, Z., Z. Ye, C. Hauck, P.A. Murphy, J. McCoy, M.P. Widrlechner, M.B. Reddy,  and S. Hendrich. 2011. Permeability of rosmarinic acid in Prunella vulgaris and ursolic  acid in Salvia officinalis extracts across Caco-2 cell monolayers.  J. Ethnopharm.  137:1107-1112.

Qu, L., and M.P. Widrlechner.  2011. Variation in the breeding system of Prunella  vulgaris L. HortScience 46:688-692.

Ramasahayam, S., H.N. Baraka, F.M. Abdel Bar, M.P. Widrlechner, K.A. El Sayed, and S.A. Meyer. 2011. Effects of chemically characterized fractions from aerial parts of Echinacea purpurea and angustifolia on myelopoiesis in rats.  Planta Medica 77:1883-1889.

Widrlechner, M.P. 2011. Mobilizing resources to conserve ash species in response to Emerald Ash Borer. Public Garden 26(Summer):27-29.

Daly, C., M.P. Widrlechner, M.D. Halbleib, J.I. Smith and W.P. Gibson. 2012. Development of a new USDA plant hardiness zone map for the United States. J. Appl. Meteor. & Climatol. 51:242-264.

Kapler, E.J., J.R. Thompson, and M.P. Widrlechner. 2012. Assessing stakeholder  perspectives on invasive plants to inform risk analysis. Invasive Plant Science &  Management 5:194-208.

Kapler, E.J., M.P. Widrlechner, P.M. Dixon, and J.R. Thompson. 2012. Performance of  five models to predict the naturalization of non-native woody plants in Iowa. J. Environ.  Hortic. 30:35-41.

Kovach, D.A., M.P. Widrlechner, and D.M. Brenner. 2012. Variation in seed dormancy  in Echinochloa and the development of a standard protocol for germination testing. II:  Breaking dormancy in seeds unresponsive to light or dark conditions alone by using heat  and ethanol pretreatment. Seed Sci. & Technol. 40: 299-308.

Qu, L., and M.P. Widrlechner. 2012. Reduction of seed dormancy in Echinacea pallida  (Nutt.) Nutt. by in-dark seed selection and breeding. Indust. Crops & Prod. 36:88-93.

Trapp, II, A., P. Dixon, M.P. Widrlechner, and D.A. Kovach. 2012. Scheduling viability  tests for seeds in long-term storage based on a Bayesian multi-level model. J. Agric. Biol.  &  Environ. Stat. 17:192-208.

Widrlechner, M.P., C. Daly, M. Keller, and K. Kaplan. 2012. Horticultural applications  of a newly revised USDA plant hardiness zone map. HortTechnology 22:6-19 (also front  cover).

Wurtele, E.S., J. Chappell, A.D. Jones, M.D. Celiz, N. Ransom, M. Hur, L. Rizshsky, M.  Crispin, P. Dixon, J. Liu, M.P. Widrlechner, and B.J. Nikolau. 2012. Medicinal plants: A  public resource for metabolomics and hypothesis development. Metabolites 2: 1031- 1059.

Zhang, X., L. Rizshsky, C. Hauck, L. Qu, M.P. Widrlechner, B.J. Nikolau, P.A. Murphy,  and D.F. Birt. 2012. Bauer ketones 23 and 24 from Echinacea paradoxa var. paradoxa  inhibit lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric acid, prostaglandin E2 and cytokines in  RAW264.7 mouse macrophages. Phytochemistry 74:146-158.

Qiang, Z., C. Hauck, J. McCoy, M.P. Widrlechner, M.B. Reddy, P.A. Murphy, and S. Hendrich. 2013.  Echinacea sanguinea and Echinacea pallida extracts stimulate glucuronidation and basolateral transfer of Bauer alkamides 8 and 10 and ketone 24 and inhibit P-glycoprotein transporter in Caco-2 cells. Planta Medica 79: 266-274.

Widrlechner, M.P. 2013. Rubus L. (raspberry, blackberry, bramble). Pp. 976-977, 979-1004 In: Steyermark’s Flora of Missouri Vol. 3, by George Yatskievych.  Missouri Botanical Garden Press and Missouri Department of Conservation, St. Louis and Jefferson City, MO.

Widrlechner, M.P., E.J. Kapler, P.M. Dixon and J.R. Thompson. 2013. The importance of geographic and biological variables in predicting the naturalization of non-native woody plants in the Upper Midwest. J. Environ. Hortic. 31: 124-131.

Spooner, D.M., M.P. Widrlechner, K.R. Reitsma, D.E. Palmquist, S. Rouz, Z. Ghrabi-Gammar, M. Neffati, B. Bouzbida, H. Ouabbou, M. El Koudrim, and P.W. Simon. 2014. Reassessment of practical subspecies identifications of the USDA Daucus carota L. germplasm collection: Morphological data.  Crop Sci. 54: 706-718.

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