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Ann Marie VanDerZanden

Published Abstracts

VanDerZanden, A. M., J. Newell, and A. Mu. 2013. Chinese students, American classrooms: Lessons learned from a teaching and learning circle at Iowa State University. NACTA Jour. 57(Sup. 1): 30.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2013. ThinkSpace 2.0: An online teaching and learning platform for case based learning. NACTA Jour. 57(Sup. 1) 85.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2013. A syllabus rejig: Aligning course goals, learning objectives, assignments and assessment. HortScience 48(9) S203.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2013. A webinar series to provide advanced training for Iowa nursery and landscape professionals. HortScience 48(9) S415.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2011. Using reflective writing to enhance the landscape design process. HortScience 46(9): S231.

Basset, C., Potts, S., Campbell, C., Needham, D., VanDerZanden, A.M., DeVos, N.E. and M.L. Robbins. 2011. Improving English and communication skills for scientists. HortScience 46(9): S72.

Jones, M. and A.M. VanDerZanden. 2011. Application of computer based technologies for turfgrass and landscape industry extension. HortScience 46(9): S374.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2011. Capitalizing on an external accreditation process to inform program development. NACTA J. 55(1) 75.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2010. Teaching sustainable landscaping practices in the college classroom: topics and methods. HortScience 45(8):S40 Abstr.

Refereed Publications

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2013. Asynchronous continuing education for Iowa’s Green Industry Professionals. HortTechnology 23(5): 677-682.

VanDerZanden A.M. and J. Iles. 2013. Helping students become global citizens: Successful study abroad programs in the Iowa State University department of horticulture. NACTA Jour. 57 (3a): 51-55.

Justen, E., Haynes, C., VanDerZanden, A.M. and N. Grudens-Schuck. 2011. Insights from Spanish-speaking employees in the Iowa horticultural industry. J. Extension. 49(6) Article 6RIB8.

Woline, T. and A.M. VanDerZanden. 2010. Student perceptions of problem-solving skills and evaluation of a web-based environment for case-study work in landscape horticulture. HortTechnology 20(4): 820-824.

VanDerZanden, A.M. 2010. Reflective writing as an assessment for student analysis and synthesis ability in a landscape design course. HortTechnology 20(4):668-671.

VanDerZanden, A.M. and M. Reinert. 2009. Employer attitudes and perceptions of job preparedness of recent Iowa State University horticulture graduates. HortTechnology 19(3):647-652.

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