Alum of the Month: Will Ries, Operations Manager, Just Add Water

Will Ries graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture with the Landscape Design option in May 2014.  Will is from Greenfield, Iowa.

Will’s job responsibilities are running the crew(s) as the lead foreman and designs and sell projects.  He does most of the service and maintenance work and is responsible for training new staff and as well as running day to day operations.

We asked Will what he likes most about his position.  The best thing about my job is every job is unique.  They all have their own set of challenges so I enjoy the problem solving that comes with the job.  It makes the final product that much more rewarding.  Building water features is an incredible experience.  It can be a life changing choice for our clients so getting to plug in the pump and see the way the home owner reacts is one of the greatest opportunities I get to be a part of.  Everyone reacts different.  Some people clap, some hug, some even cry but no matter what there is always a smile.

Following is the advice Will offers to current students:  Do something that makes you uncomfortable.  Take a summer job that intrigues you but scares you a little.  Your comfort zone will never get bigger if you always stay in it.