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Paul Domoto

Emeritus Professor

106 Horticulture Hall
Department of Horticulture
Iowa State University
Ames IA, 50011-1100


Doctor of Philosophy, Univ. of Maryland, 1974
Master of Science, Calif. St. Univ. Fresno, 1971
Bachelor of Science, Calif. St. Univ. Fresno, 1969

Awards/Special Recognition

Iowa State University Extension Achievement Award, 1989
Iowa State Horticultural Society, “Honor Award”, June, 1987
American Pomological Society, “Shepard Award”, 1986
Iowa State Horticultural Society, “Certificate of Merit”, October, 1981

Research Focus

Dr. Domoto’s area of research is in pomology. His research interest focuses on apple rootstock/scion relationships, and fruit adaptation and culture. He has been an active cooperator in the regional research project NC-140 “Rootstock and Interstem Effects on Pome- and Stone-Fruit Trees” since 1976. Current objectives under which Dr. Domoto collaborates include: evaluating the field performance of pome- and stone-fruit rootstocks in various environments and under different management systems with respect precocity, cropping efficiency, tree size control, anchorage, and stress tolerance; and understanding the developmental and abiotic stress physiology of rootstock/scion interactions in pome- and stone-fruit trees. His particular interest is in the low temperature tolerance of apple rootstocks.

Dr. Domoto is the project leader of the “Food Crops” Plan of Work project. Under this project, his research focuses on cultivar adaptation and culture of fruit trees, and he collaborates with Dr. Gail Nonnecke on grape cultivar evaluations and cultural practices. Dr. Domoto is also involved in Persian walnut breeding for cold hardiness, and received a U.S. plant patent for a walnut tree named ‘Domoto’ (PP12898 P2) in 2002. The walnut has been trademarked and is being marketed as ‘Stark Northern Prize’. Dr. Domoto cooperates with faculty in Plant Pathology and Entomology on orchard integrated pest management studies.

Extension Program

As the state Extension specialist for fruit crops, Dr. Domoto works closely with the Iowa Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, the Iowa Wine Growers Association, the Iowa Nut Growers Association, and Area Extension Horticulture field specialists in program planning for conferences, workshops, field days and tours. Fruit research plots have served as the focal point for many field days and tours. With the recent interest in growing grapes as an alternative crop, Dr. Domoto has developed the ISU Viticulture Home Page to provide prospective and established growers in Iowa with computer accessible, regionally applicable, timely information on grape culture.


Domoto, P.A. 2002. Walnut tree named ‘Domoto’. United States Plant Patent No. U.S. PP12898 P2.
Persian walnut patent

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