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David Hannapel


Department of Horticulture
253 Horticulture Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA  50011-1100


(515) 294-9130
253 Horticulture


Bachelor of Science, University of Illinois, 1978 Master of Science, University of Georgia, 1981 Doctor of Philosophy, Purdue University, 198

Research Focus

Developmental biology with a focus on the role of transcription factors in  regulating growth. The Hannapel lab is currently investigating the mechanisms  that regulate long-distance movement of full-length mRNAs in plants. Emphasis  is on the identification of RNA-binding proteins that regulate RNA stability,  movement, and translation repression.

Teaching/Advising Responsibilities

Dr. Hannapel’ s teaching responsibilities are team teaching Hort 530, Graduate  Research Orientation and mentoring undergraduates during summer research internships in molecular biology. He also advises graduate students participating  in the Plant Biology Major and the Interdepartmental Genetics Program.

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