Students enjoy floral design classes at Iowa State….. Featuring Lecturer, Dan Brabec

Dan Brabec has been working in the Floral Industry for over 25 years.  Previous Owner at Coes Floral and Gifts in Ames Iowa for over 20 years, Dan is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University.  Dan has been teaching the Elements of Floral Design Course at ISU for over 8 years.  He also teaches classes on Interiorscaping, Tropical Houseplants, and Wedding and Event Floral Design.  Dan has spoken to countless professional clubs and peers across the Midwest.  His work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and Wedding Publications.  Highlights include designing at Walt Disney World and decorating countless homes across the region.

Following are the courses Dan teaches in the ISU Department of Horticulture:


HORT 131 – Principles of Floral Design

HORT 131 is taught each spring semester.  The course introduces basic geometric design of fresh arrangements, corsages, and centerpieces.  Students learn about proper mechanics and design techniques and then they use those skills to construct over fifteen flower designs over the course of the semester.  Each week I work with the flower supplier to order and schedule a flower delivery that corresponds with each lab section that I teach.  Students learn how flowers are sold, shipped, ordered, processed, and cared for.  In addition, students learn about current marketing and management techniques used in the floral industry.  I strive to create an inclusive classroom where students without any floral knowledge can become proficient in the floral industry.


HORT 193A – Houseplants and Interiorscaping

Each spring semester I teach HORT 193A.  The main objective of the course is to educate students on interiorscaping and the growing industry trend of caring for foliage plants.  Each week students learn about different plant groups, their specific characteristics, and about their growing condition requirements.  A final project requires students to take their accumulated knowledge and develop an interiorscape design plan for the conservatory at Reiman Gardens.


HORT 132 – Wedding and Event Floral Design

This new course will be offered each spring semester.  Students will learn advanced principles of design and proper mechanics for designing with ceremony flowers, reception flowers, personal flowers, bridal bouquets, and event florals.  Flower and plant materials commonly used in the event industry will be covered.  Students will use their skills to create a final project where whey will plan, design, cost, order, and create florals for a wedding.