New Faculty Member, Diana Cochran comes to Iowa State

Diana Cochran earned her Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Design from Auburn University in 2005. And, immediately started work on her Master’s degree in Nursery Production with an emphasis in alternative weed control techniques.  Upon graduation with her Master’s she was hired as an instructor at Auburn University before starting work on her Ph.D. at Mississippi State University. In 2012, Diana earned her doctorate in Horticulture with an emphasis in environmental stress physiology. Her doctorate research focused on cold, heat, and drought tolerance of tomatoes, strawberries, satsumas, and impatiens.  Upon completion of her doctorate Diana worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Tennessee.

At Iowa State Diana will develop an extension-education program dedicated to assisting commercial fruit producers identify and mitigate pest, disease, and other production or management problems. She will also focus on developing a research program focused on reducing production costs and optimizing plant establishment through cultural practices and stress management.  In addition, she will evaluate sustainable practices that are affordable and practical for the fruit industry.