Iowa State undergrads share research nationally

The 34th annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research takes place online April 12-14. About 4,000 undergraduate students from across the U.S. present their research at this largest undergraduate research conference in the country. This year includes 60 ISU students representing 29 majors, including two Horticulture undergraduate students.  Laren Bilek works in Dr. Kathleen Delate’s lab and Darcy Bonds is working with a group in ABE.

  • Lauren Bilek, Council Bluffs, horticulture, “Tomato Quality Effects in Reduced Tillage and Cover-Crop-Based Rotations in Organic Tomato Production”
  • Darcy Bonds, Troy, Missouri, horticulture, “Improving the Sustainability of Animal and Crop Production Agriculture: Evaluation of Biochar-Manure Mixture Impact on Soil Nutrient Availability and Plant Uptake”