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Department of Horticulture Seminar: The Conceptual Framework for Human Drivers of Low Tree Species Diversity

Speaker: Grant Thompson, Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University

Grant Thompson will be speaking on low tree diversity in the built environment makes urban forests more vulnerable to abiotic and biotic threats, thereby reducing landscape resiliency and sustainability. There are many decision makers involved in the nursery supply chain that narrow the selection of tree species that are produced, purchased, and planted. This conceptual framework identifies those human actors, their roles in decision-making, and the scales of their impact in the built landscape. This framework may be used to guide future research, education, and outreach to actor groups to alleviate the biodiversity funnel observed in designed and managed landscapes.

For those that were unable to join in person, here is an uploaded video to YouTube on Grant Thompsons lab’s channel. Here is the link. The presentation starts at 4 minutes in, so skip to there.


  • Date
    March 21st
  • Time
    4:25 pm - 5:15 pm
  • Location
    118 Horticulture Hall, Iowa State University
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