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Department of Horticulture, Graduate Seminar: Quantifying the effects of nitrogen form, fertilizer type, and fertilizer concentration on North American herbaceous perennials

Speaker: Boston Swan, Graduate Student - Department of Horticulture, Iowa State University

Boston Swan will be discussing two experiments. First: determining the optimum fertilizer concentration and nitrogen form for six tall grass prairie species;  and second, determining optimum fertilizer concentration and type for six woodland spring ephemerals. The goal of these experiments is to increase the body of literature on containerized North American herbaceous perennials by providing appropriate fertilizer recommendations. These recommendations will help produce these herbaceous perennials efficiently by providing adequate nutrients while minimizing waste and reducing nutrient runoff. Additionally, by providing these fertilizer recommendations, we hope to build a foundation for further research into other production parameters to continually increase the production of containerized North American herbaceous perennials.

  • Date
    November 29th
  • Time
    4:25 pm - 5:15 pm
  • Location
    118 Horticulture Hall
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