Alum of the Month: Jacob Graber, Greenhouse Grower at Green Circle Growers

Jacob Graber graduated in Horticulture with an emphasis in Greenhouse Management and Fruit and Vegetable Production May 2015.  Jacob  grows orchids in a very large greenhouse.  The Orchid Range covers more than 25 acres with four major sections:  Young Plants, Growing, Cooling and Staging.  I manage over the cooling section with the help of an assistant with daily responsibilities that include:  Watering and fertilization, climate control with Priva, troubleshoot crop and health issues, perform chemical applications (when needed), monitor pests using bug cards, tape and scouting, and maintain equipment within my section with the help of our maintenance team and grower manager.  Jacob is from Huxley, Iowa.

We asked Jacob what he likes most about this position.  “I am challenged every day to achieve something within my own section.  Whether it be by understanding more about orchids, controlling climate with daily changes in Priva to make more optimal climate, or dealing with problems as they rise.”

Following is advice Jacob offers to our current students:  “Take your time and enjoy life and school at this current moment.  Make sure to try and apply for jobs within the industry before you graduate so you know everything that’s involved.  If you can’t see yourself doing what your going to school for then change it so you can enjoy what you do later on.  Spend time not worrying about the small things, but enjoy the good times and people in your life.  Time goes by so fast.”