Alum of the Month: Brad Peterson, Partner/Manager Inverness Landscaping at Englewood Colorado

Brad Peterson graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture/Emphasis on turfgrass maintenance in 1991.  Brad is from Lake Mills, Iowa.

Brad’s main job is, simply put, running the company.  He hires salaried and part time help, makes contracts for clients, sets pricing, creates proposals for extra work, interacts with staff to make sure billing and accounting and insurance is accurate, sets budgets and most importantly, communicates with clients to insure good customer relations.

We asked Brad what he likes most about his job.  What I find most gratifying about my job and always have is seeing clients happy with our work and having happy employees.  I love when we have provided a good service to our clients and they are appreciative of our work.  Also, something that is very satisfying for me is transforming a small part of this earth that I get to work with to a more beautiful, nicer landscaped place for people to appreciate.

Following is the advice Brad offers to current students:  Pay attention to the science of what you are learning because it does matter!  Also, have a good work ethic.  Most employers care less about how much you know and more about how willing you are to work and work with others well.  Last, a great attitude, humility and a willingness to learn are key.