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The Department of Horticulture at Iowa State University is recognized in Iowa, regionally, and nationally for its very strong undergraduate teaching program. The undergraduate program is ranked 3rd nationally among undergraduate horticulture programs and 2nd in ornamental horticulture by the Gourman Report, which ranks undergraduate programs in agricultural disciplines in the United States. Top faculty, excellent facilities and a supportive campus environment make Iowa State's undergraduate program in horticulture an excellent choice for degree-seeking students.

Iowa State University has the only baccalaureate (B.S.) degree program in horticulture in the State of Iowa and professional horticulturists are trained in the undergraduate education program of our department. Horticulture undergraduate students are our future fruit and vegetable producers, turfgrass managers at golf courses and sports fields, lawn care professionals, nursery producers and garden center operators, planting design and installation professionals, public garden and arboreta horticulturists and educators, plant biologists, garden writers and communication professionals, and environmental specialists.


Graduates of our program possess the technical knowledge and skills to be a professional horticulturist. They understand plant growth and development and the culture and management of horticultural crops. They are able to communicate clearly and work effectively with others in the many disciplines of horticulture. Graduates understand the ethical and environmental dimensions of problems and issues facing horticultural professionals.

The horticulture curriculum is dynamic, flexible and designed to permit students to obtain a B.S. degree in horticulture by completing a science-based curriculum. Requirements include a minimum of 37 mathematic, physical science and biological science credits. English, speech, social sciences, humanities, and electives provide for liberal arts educational components.



The Resource and Career Center Coordinator admits undergraduate students into the department. The Department of Horticulture faculty advises students by commodity area. The coordinator matches the student's horticultural option with the proper advisor in that specialization. Most teaching faculty members advise undergraduates. The coordinator advises the undecided option students.

Transfer Students

The Department of Horticulture provides an easy transition with the articulation agreements with community colleges that are currently in place. The Resource and Career Center Coordinator provides advising to prospective transfer students that are with and without plans from their respective institutions.

Student Placement

The Department's Career and Resource Center maintains a list of job opportunities and assists students with interviewing and placement assistance. The departmental newsletter that lists internship and employment opportunities is also on the department's web site. Many horticulture faculty members provide a liaison with horticultural industries in Iowa and the U.S. In addition, a College of Agriculture Placement Office is available to assist students in resume preparation and employment opportunities. Ninety five percent of our students are employed within 3 months of graduation.

Application Information and Admission Requirements

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Please contact Barb Osborn at She is here to help and is eager to discuss how Iowa State's horticulture major can meet your goal of an undergraduate degree.

We encourage you and your parents to visit our beautiful campus and meet our faculty. Please contact Barb to schedule a departmental visit. We look forward to meeting you!

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