Things to remember when submitting an e-Gold Sheet

Electronic GoldSheet & Routing Training Manual

  • Your user name and password is the same as your ISU e-mail user name and password. It is strongly recommended that you change your password the first time you log in.

  • The e-Gold Sheet needs to arrive at OSPA at least four (4) full working days prior to the sponsor deadline. Please remember it needs to route to the Co-PIs, the department of the Co-PIs, the College, and the VPR prior to arriving at OSPA.

  • What to attach:

    • Cover Page for Proposal
    • Copy of the proposal (a draft may be used to begin the routing with final copy attached prior to the OSPA approvals)
    • Completed budget and budget justification
    • Request for Proposals (RFP)


  • Be sure to monitor the routing process. Log in to the e-GoldSheet system and click on the Forms, go to GoldSheet Status, click on that, the form will come up, put in the e-GoldSheet ID# in the first box, tab and it will give you the status location of the Gold-Sheet.

ISU e-GoldSheet Login

Note: (Your Login is the same as your username login for e-mail unless you have changed it). Your password is also your username login for e-mail so your username and password should be the same.

Goldsheet Instructions
Goldsheet Template