Horticulture Station (Hort Farm)

55519 170th Street, Ames, Iowa 50010

The Horticultural Research Station is located 4 miles north of Ames, Iowa on highway 69 and 1.5 miles east on county road E-23. The station was established on its present site in 1970. Most of the buildings were built between 1970 and 1972. The Station is located on 230 acres of land that includes topography of flat areas, rolling hills, and waterways, with a 12 acre lake. The lake provides a source of irrigation water and a location for research by Fisheries and Biology personnel. The farm contains trees and shrubs used for research and beautification of the area. There are 14 Horticulture faculty and graduate students who conduct research on site. In addition, 9 faculty and graduate students from other departments have research projects on the station. Research projects range from work on fruits, vegetables, and herbaceous ornamentals, to work with trees, shrubs, and turfgrass. On site trials include evaluation of cultivar performance, crop production as a function of fertility level, weed pressure, and herbicide performance, disease incidence vs. fungicide impact, insect pressure, and the effects of growth regulators.

Faculty conduct unique research with fish, amphibians and birds. On site research includes fish growth trials, turtle reproduction, dove nesting and banding, and dust impact on water bodies. Research with prairie restoration practices is also conducted at the Horticulture Station.

Horticulture Research Station Aerial View Welcome Sign & Map of Hort Station
Lab Building Shop Building
Chieftain Apple Orchard Domoto's Wine Grape Cultivar Trial
Domoto's Apple Rootstock Trial on Trellis System Iles' Crabapple Trial
New NREM/EEOB Building Lake Dam and New Turf Hoop Building
Lake for Irrigation and Class Instruction Aquaculture Research Facility
Iles' Shade Tree Trial Turf Research Area
Turf Research Facility Bell pepper irrigation and N research
Pumpkin variety trial Crew helping with pumpkin variety trial