Mark Gleason

Professor of Plant Pathology and Horticulture
313 Bessey

Department of Horticulture

Iowa State University
Ames IA, 50011-1100



  • Doctor of Philosophy, Plant Pathology, University of Kentucky, 1985
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1980
  • Master of Science, Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, 1976
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Carleton College, 1972

Awards/Special Recognition

  • Lee M. Hutchins Award, American Phytopathological Society, 2004
  • Outstanding Achievement in Extension and Professional Practice, Iowa State University, 2001
  • Merit Award, Iowa State Horticultural Society, 1998
  • Excellence in Extension Award, American Phytopathological Society, 1997

Research Focus

Dr. Gleason's research focuses on ecology and management of diseases of horticultural commodities (fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, shade trees, and turfgrasses).

Teaching/Advising Responsibilities

Dr. Gleason's teaching responsibilities are: 1) Integrated Management of Turfgrass Diseases and Insects (Hort/Pl P/Ent 452/552); 2) Ecologically Based Pest Management (Sus Ag 530); 3) Environmental and Sustainable Horticulture (Hort 424/524); and 4) Integrated Management of Tropical Crops (Hort/Pl P/Ent 511).

Selected Publications

  • Sentelhas, P.C., Gillespie,T.J., Gleason, M.L., Monteiro, J.E.B.A., and Helland, S.J. 2004. Operational exposure of leaf wetness sensors. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology:In press.
  • Kim, K.-S., Taylor, S.E., and Gleason, M.L. 2004. Development and validation of a leaf wetness duration model using a fuzzy logic system. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology: Accepted.
  • Babadoost, M., Gleason, M.L., McManus, P.S., and Helland, S.J. 2004. Evaluation of a wetness-based warning system and reduced-risk fungicides for management of sooty blotch and flyspeck of apple. HortTechnology 14:27-33.
  • Edmunds, B.A., Flynn, P.F., and Gleason, M.L. 2003. Hosta takeover: A plant disease management case study. Plant Health Instructor: (
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  • Leandro, L.F.S., Gleason, M.L., Nutter, F.W., Jr., Wegulo, S.N., and Dixon, P.M. 2003. Strawberry plant extracts stimulate secondary conidiation by Colletotrichum acutatum on symptomless leaves. Phytopathology 93:1285-1291.
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  • Gleason, M.L., Taylor, S.E., Villalobos Flores, R., Arauz, L.F., and Kim, K.-S. 2001. Assessment of the accuracy of site-specific estimates of rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, and wetness duration in the Northern Pacific Region of Costa Rica. Agronomia Costarricense 25:45-55.