Most courses in the department are taught on a regular basis to provide ease in scheduling. Our courses promote active learning through laboratories, filed trips, undergraduate student research, and activities that encourage learning. Our department's service course excites and trains students in home horticulture and laboratory sections/courses of core horticulture curriculum courses.

The horticulture curriculum is flexible and designed to permit students to obtain a B.S. degree in horticulture by completing a science-based curriculum. Requirements include a minimum of 37 mathematic, physical science and biological science credits. English, speech, social sciences, humanities, and electives provide for liberal arts educational components.

A minimum of thirty credits of horticulture is required and allows students to obtain a commodity emphasis (landscape horticulture, greenhouse production and management, fruit and vegetable production and management, nursery management, public garden management and administration, planting design and installation, turfgrass science and management, horticulture science and/or horticultural communications and public education) and a well-rounded horticulture background. A science option allows students to prepare for graduate school, but students are competitive for graduate school when graduating from any of the other eight options.

Horticulture Students Gain Valuable Construction Experience

A stunning fall has provided the perfect backdrop for two construction projects completed by the Hort 444 Landscape Construction and Management class.  With a focus towards hands-on construction experience, we were privileged to assist Iowa State’s Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) with a retaining wall and unit paver project.  With much guidance and help from Campus Services staff, we were able to complete both projects in five three-hour labs. 

We wish to thank Borgert Products, Inc. for donating the concrete pavers, Chris Gallt and Donovan Smith from Campus Services for their time and expertise, plus Rhonda Martin and Chris Strawhacker from FP&M for creating the plans and finding the materials. 

The images below highlight our experiences.